About our PVC curtains

About Us
Pvc-Strip-Curtains.co.uk is a trading name of Global Internet Solutions Ltd.

We're based in Congleton, Cheshire and we have been trading since 1998, specialising in made-to-measure high quality low cost PVC strip curtains kits.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

About our PVC Curtain Kits
We manufacture bespoke PVC strip curtain kits to fit virtually any size doorway.
The kits are supplied to you complete with everything you need and are ready for immediate installation. The hook-on hanging rail is pre-drilled for either wall or soffit mounting.

Use our cost calculator for an instant quote.

We also supply a range of 'off the shelf' pedestrian PVC curtain kits to fit most standard sized pedestrian doorways.

Our low odour, highly transparent PVC strip is manufactured exclusively in the EU and our range of PVC strip curtains are designed to provide cost effective segregation and protection solutions, guaranteeing to meet your specific needs.
They are suitable for use in a huge variety of environments from warehouses to kitchens to shops and offices, as well as refrigerated trucks and even outdoor animal shelters - whatever your demand, we can supply.

We only sell high quality PVC - Meeting and exceeding all food grade requirements - and available in a variety of different types, grades and colours, depending on application

   - Energy efficient and an excellent thermal insulator, whether it's keeping the heat - or cold - in or out
   - A great protector from other elements including noise pollution, dust contamination, insects and other airborne pests, while still allowing easy access for pedestrians and vehicles
   - Durable and flexible
   - Transparent to provide maximum visibility and allow natural light to pass through with minimum distortion
   - Low odour and non toxic
   - UV stabilised and longer lasting than imported and cheaper substitutes

All curtains are made to order and are simple to hang and to take down making fitting, cleaning and maintenance very straight forward.

Fixed hanging system
Manufactured from high grade 1.5mm stainless steel, or for very large curtains, reinforced 2mm thick galvanised steel, the hanging rails used in our fixed system are both slimline and robust. They come in convenient 1 metre lengths, which are simply butted together to make the required length of rail, and use industry standard 41mm wide hooks to hang the curtains. The simple 'hook-on' mechanism makes it easy to remove curtains for cleaning and to replace damaged or dirty strips. Each individual PVC strip has a pre-fitted stainless steel or polycarbonate hanging plate at one end which easily hooks onto the hanging rail.

Sliding PVC CurtainSliding hanging system
Our unique sliding curtains function in a similar way to vertical window blinds; the strips simply fold concertina-like, into the side of the opening. They are particularly suited to rooms with limited clearance either side of the entrance or partition. The vertical strips are fixed via a high quality running system with all bearings greased for life.